Mr. T

Betting since 1986 on all types of sports.  Mr. T's specialties are the NBA, the NFL and college football.  However, his handicapping  knowledge is not limited to those areas.  He follows it all;  MLB, NHL, college basketball, soccer, NASCAR, Formula 1, golf and tennis.

Mr. T's handicapping philosphy stems in part from a saying used by legendary horseplayer and NYRA commentator Harvey Pack who would say each evening on his show  "Hope you're cashing them, not trashing them" in reference to betting tickets at the track.  Using this mantra, Mr. T. works hard to find betting opportunities where you are very likely to have a winning outcome.  These opportunities may not always result in huge payouts, but the objective is to keep you on the positive side financially.

Being from the New York area, Mr. T also follows the teams based in the NYC metropolitan area very closely.  Any predictions and analysis associated with teams such as the Knicks, Yankees, Giants or Rangers are likely to involve acute insight.  Full disclosure:  these are Mr. T's teams.

With almost 30 years of experience, Mr. T will lead you on a path to profits by giving you a consistent pipeline of strong cashing opportunities which will keep you in the green.

The Lucky Latina

The Lucky Latina brings a female perspective to the betting game.  Sometimes her picks go against the grain, but more times than not, she'll end up on the winning side.  The Latina's systematic approach looks at many factors, but she is big on analyzing home/away records and recent trends.  She also likes to look at the performance and current form of key players.  She'll use her formulas to find the best value play on the card.

The Lucky Latina has almost 25 years handicapping experience and she is most successful with the NHL, NFL and soccer.  But like all of us here at Winnibet.com she follows it all.

The Lucky Latina's roots for the Montreal Canadiens, the New England Patriots, the New York Yankees and the Miami Heat.

Since the best value bets are usually  found with underdogs and unders, The Lucky Latina's predictions will be heavy in these areas.  But you'll soon find out there's nothing more satisfying than finding that weak line set by the bookmaker and then taking advantage of it to win big.  The Lucky Latina will lead you there.