Euro 2016 – 6/10

The UEFA Euro 2016 soccer tournament kicks off from France on Friday with the hosts facing Romania in the opening game.  I've developed a handicapping formula specifically for this tournament, but I will now be able to use the framework for additional games, too.

Friday's table below:

3:00pm (Draw=Loss)France -330Romania +1397
Recent Performance (UEFA 2016 qualifying)+2 (*Projection, 6-2-2, 20pts / 10 games Host team - no qualifying)+2 (5-5-0, 20pts / 10 games +2.0)
Goal Differential (UEFA 2016 qualifying)+1 (*Projection, 19-8, +11, +1.10 Host team - no qualifying)+1 (11-2, +0.90)
FIFA Ranking Differential+5 (17)0 (22)
Advantage (units)+5 (1 unit)-------
Goal Total Recommended Bet (units)-------Under 2.5 (0.5 unit) 2.0
Final Score Prediction20

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